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Benelli Trek lowering kit  

Benelli Trek lowering kit, Benelli motorcycle accessories

Lowering kits for Benelli Tre-k motorcycles by Lust Racing Ltd. Lust Racing lowering links for Benelli Tre-K Amazonas models are made of super strong SS400 steel.
The lowering kit fits all Benelli Trek Amazonas models from 2006 onwards. If you are among riders that find the standard seat height to high the solution is a lowering kit from Lust Racing. We offer a -30mm (1,18 inch) lowering kit for Benelli Trek models. By fitting a suspension lowering kit the ride and seat height is lowered and short riders can thus touch the ground with both feet without having to tip-toe in traffic lights. The rear suspension links "dogbones" in the kit replaces the stock links on your Benelli Trek Amazonas.
By fitting a lowering kit the seat height and ride height is reduced, also the center of gravity becomes lower. These changes makes the bike easier to handle for shorter riders who otherwise may find the Benelli to high. In addition the Tre-K Amazonas has an unusual weight distribution with more weight on the front wheel than most other motorcycles. Under hard braking from higher speed the Benelli can therefore lift the rear wheel easier than most other bikes. If you like to get more weight on the rear wheel a lowering kit can also solve this. Should you like to keep the front/rear mass distribution close to stock the front fork legs can be lowered. No additional parts needed. How to lower the front forks is explained in the installation kit supplied with the kit.

Benelli Trek Amazonas Lowering kits

  • 2 rear suspension links
  • Material forged high tensile steel
  • Laser cut for supreme accuracy
  • EDP powder coated in black
  • Installation instruction

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