SV650 Lowering Kit

Suzuki SV650 Lowering kits

2016-2019 Suzuki SV650 lowering kit

2017-2019 Suzuki SV650 lowering kit

 Lust Racing makes lowering kits for all generations of Suzuki SV650. 

Installing a lowering kit will lower the suspenison and reduce the seat height of the bike. Front forks are adjusted when installing a lowering kit to maintain excellent handling. Supplied with installation instructions.

Made in United Kingdom

2016-2019 SV650 lowering kit 30mm 1.2"in  NEW SHAPE

2003-2015 SV650 Lowering kit 1" inch (-25mm)

2003-2015 SV650 Loweirng kit 1-9/16" inch (-40mm)

 1999-2002 SV650 Lowering kit 1" inch (-25mm)

 1999-2002 SV650 Lowering kit 1-9/16" inch (-40mm)

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