CBR900RR Lowering Kit

Honda  CBR900RR / CBR918RR  Lowering kits SC33

Honda CBR919RR lowering kit, CBR918RR accessories

Honda CBR919RR FireBlade lowering kit

LUST Racing manufactures lowering kits for most Honda CBR900RR Fireblade and for later CBR10000RR models. The lowering kits are model specific, ensure you order

correct kit for your bike. 

Note that in USA the various generation of Honda CBR900RR models were marketed using names using cylinder capacity.

Thus US CBR954RR Fireblade SC50 is same as European CBR900RR SC50,

US CBR929RR SC44 is same as European CBR900RR SC44,

US CBR918 SC33 is same as EuropeanCBR900RR SC33,

US CBR900RR SC28 is same as European SC28. 

All our lowering kits comes with model specific installation instructions

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