CB1000R 2008-2017

Honda CB1000R lowering kit 

Honda CB1000R lowering kit, CB1000R accessories

Lowering kit for Honda CB1000R year models 2008-2017.

Spring retainer suspension lowering kit for the rear shock absorber lowering the rear suspension by 30mm. The seat height on the Honda CB1000R 2008 to 2017 can be lowered by approximately 30mm by installing this lowering kit.

Manufactured in stainless steel. Powder coated black. In order to install this kit the shock absorber is removed from the bike, the coil sping is compressed and the STD spring retainer removed, a coil spring compressor or coil spring clamps are required to install the kit.

The kit comes complete with model specific installation instructions.  Will fit bikes with the standard Honda (Showa) shock absorber year models 2008 to 2017.

Honda CB1000R lowering kit 2008-2017 30mm (1.2"inch) lowering

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