CB600F HoRNET 2007-2010

Honda CB600F Hornet lowering kit  

Honda Hornet CB600F 2007-2010 lowering kit, Hornet accessories

Lowering kit for Honda Hornet CB600F year models 2007 to 2010 by LUST Racing. Seat height reducing rear suspension lowering kit of spring retainer type. Lowers the seat height by approximately 1.2"inches (30mm). To install this kit the rear shock absorber coil spring is compressed using either a coil spring compressor or coil spring clamps. The standard spring retainer is removed and replaced with the new lowering spring retainer made in powder coated stainless steel. Will fit Honda CB600F Hornet year models 2007 to 2010. Supplied with installation instructions in English language.

Recommended for shorter riders who otherwise might struggle to reach to the ground properly with both feet. High quality aftermarket accessory manufactured in United Kingdom.

Honda Hornet CB600F lowering kit 2007-2010 1.2"inches (30mm)

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