Why buy Lust Racing products? Thank you for asking. We would like to reformulate the question to "What makes Lust Racing products different?

The Lust Racing brand stands for top quality motorcycle accessories made by bikers for bikers. The team at Lust Racing is formed of engineers, product designers and vechicle technicans. We are driven by the passion to improve motorcycles for better handling, technical improvements and design enhancement, makeing your bike more personal and your riding experinece more enjoyable.

Motorcycle factories make bikes for the average sized person, if you are either shorter or longer than this, you will not be able to enjoy your bike as much as you could. Here Lust Racing comes in. We make motorcycle accessories that allow you to tailor your bike to your physical measurements. If you are short, you have been tip-toeing in traffic lights, if you are long you may feel the riding position cramped. 

What Lust Racing stands for:

  • Customer Satisfaction. If You are not 100% satisfied with our product - then neither are we! If You truly feel that a Lust Racing product you pruchased does not meet your highest expectations - just send it back for a full product price refund! Yes, we give a You a full 28-day return and product price refund rights (terms do apply). 
  • The only thing we ask for is that you return products in the same new condition as they were sent to you and your honest description of why you were not fully satisfied. If a Lust Racing product does not say what we promise it do - you can return it even if you fitted it - and if that is the case then we even refund your return postage!  
  • After-Sales: if you pruchased a Lust Racing product and need advice just drop us an email, we do everything to help you out and do our best to respond in a timely manner, because at Lust Racing You are truly a highly valued customer!
  • We strive to do the very best motorcycle parts on the market, and we believe our products provide the best value for your money - the best quality/price ratio on the market. If you believe there is a better product tell us which and why you feel that is the case. Yes, we want to hear from you!
  • No aftermarket product should be worse than the standard part it replaces. At Lust Racing we want to deliver only the best in motorcycle accessories, accessories that actually improves your bike. Therefore we take develop our products and manufacture them from only the best materials available. For example we make our lowering kits in roll-forged steel. Our lowering kits are made to last the lifetime of your bike. Lust Racing suspension links and brackets will not fail.
  • Accurate lowering specifications. We take great pride in providing accurate lowering specifications for our lowering kits. No other brand specifies the lowerings as accurtately as Lust Racing does. 
  • Detailed installation instructions. We take time to not only develop great products, but also to make excellent easy to understand installation instructions, most of our installation instructions are bike specific.
  • Properly marked parts. Lust Racing lowering kits are properly marked for correct installation. Our installation instructions and product markings are way ahead of our competiors - most provide no installation instructions at all and those who do are usually very limited and poor. Just think about it - a triangular unsymmetrical lowering bracket can be installed in six (6) ways on the bike - (three sides, and on the left or right side of the bike) only one these positions is the correct one. With Lust Racing lowering kits you do not have to guess. Lust Racing kits are clearly marked and our installation instructions show clearly how they should be fitted.  
  • You've probably seen some of our competitors lowering kits specifying lowerings of 1", 2" or 3-1/2"inches. Some of these lowering kits ruin the handling of the bike providing excessive lowerings. We specify the lowerings in fractions of inches and in mm, about 25 times more accurately than our competitors do. Why? Because we develop lowering kits that actually improves the handling characteristics of the bike.
  • When you buy at LustRacing.com you buy manufacturer direct - we have all our kits in stock. No wating for weeks for "sold out items".
  • Finally, when you place your oder we dispatch your order wihtout delay as soon as your payment has been cleared (within 24hours from cleared payment - usually a lot quicker. We send your order signed for with tracking code so it will not get lost.