Honda CBR650F lowering kit 

Honda CBR650F lowering kit 2014-2016, accessories CBR650F

Lowering kit for Honda CBR650F 2014-2018 by LUST Racing.

High quality lowering kit of spring retainer type lowers the rear suspension by approximately 30mm (1.2"inches). The rear shock absorber coil spring retainer is replaced with a new lowering one as a result the suspension will be lowered and the seat height reduced. Excellent aftermarket accessory for Honda CBR650F 2014-2016. Highly recommended accessory especially for shorter riders who otherwise might struggle to rearch to the ground properly with both feet. 

The kit is supplied complete with installation instructions.

Will ONLY fit bikes with standard Honda (showa) shock absorber.

NOTE In order to install this kit you need either a pair of coil spring clamps or a professional coil spring / shock absorber compressor. 

Installation of the spring retainer to a shock absorber removed from the bike takes approximately less than minutes with a coil spring compressor,

using coil spring clamps is slower.  The work is as such easy with correct tools but caution must be used when working with coil springs or serious injury may result.

The kit is supplied with detailed installation instructions.

If you do not want to install the kit yourself, contact your local motorcycle garage and ask for a quote, ensure they have coil spring compresor or coil spring clamps neccessary to carry out the work.


For UK customers we offer installation service. Send your shock absorber to us next day special delivery and we install the lowering spring retainer for a small fee. The customer pays postage/carrier both ways. Contact us for details.

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