Lust Racing was founded by Scandinavian engineers and product designers living in the UK. In the Nordic countries we have learned that the best way to compete is with quality. Quality of products and quality of our services. 

We believe in the old saying "A happy customer always comes back!", not only that - we know that happy customers are willing to tell their friends about quality products and proper customer service. No advertising can buy a recommendation from your very best and closest friends. 

At Lust Racing we work every day to manufacture and deliver quality products to our customers quickly. We like to think that our products will set a smile on your face when you receive your order. In short, we want you to be no less than 100% satisfied with your purchase. Should we agains all odds not live up to this - just contact us and tell us what went wrong. We will do everything to make it right or provide  to resolve the situation to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. 

Just like it should be.

We make promises and we are proud to keep them. 

What does the name Lust stand for? London Ultimate Suspension Technologies. Lust is about passion. At Lust Racing we have the passion to develop, manufacture and deliver top quality motorcycle accessories - because that is what we know that our customers want.