Honda CB650F lowering kit 

Honda CB650F lowering kit 2014-2016

Lowering kit for Honda CB650F 2014-2018

Lowers the rear suspension and the seat heigth by replacment of the

rear shock absorber spring retainer. The seat height is thereby reduced.

High quality lowering spring retainer made in stainless steel.

Installation instructions comes with the kit.

If you do not like to install the spring retainer yourself ask your local motorcycle garage for a quote, ensure that they do have a coil spring compressor neccessary for the job.

This is a high quality aftermarket accessory made for Honda CB650F recommended for shorter riders who otherwise struggle to reach to the ground with both feet. By installing a LUST Racing lowering kit you do not need to tip-toe in the traffic lights, easiest way to remove the worry of dropping your bike.

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Note: To install this kit the rear shock absorber / coil spring needs to be compressed with coil spring clamps or with a professional coil-spring/shock absorber compressor. It is a fairly quick job to compress the coil spring with a professional compressor. A pair of coil spring clamps may also be used (consiberably cheaper tool) but the these are slower to work with. 

As such NOT difficult but you have to be extrmely careful when working

with coil springs (risk of injury).