Suzuki GSR-750 Lowering kit by Lust Racing

Suzuki GSR750 lowering kit

Suzuki GSR750 lowering kits by Lust Racing. Fit Suzuki GSR750  year models from 2011 onwards. Lowers the rear suspension and seath height measured vertically from the rear-axle to the top of the tail / seat unit. 
  • Improves high speed stability
  • No more tip-toeing in the traffic lights
  • Steel lowering links
  • Stronger than standard items they replace
  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • Excellent finish: Color black with Lust Racing logo
  • Set of 2 lowering links
  • Top quality, made in UK
  • Supplied with model specific installation instruction


Suzuki GSR-750 lowering kit 1"in (25mm) 2011-2016

Suzuki GSR-750 lowering kit 1.6" inches (40mm) 2011-2016