DL650XT 2015-2016

Suzuki DL650 XT lowering kit 2015-2016 

Suzuki DL650 XT V-strom lowering kit 2015-2016

2015-2019 Suzuki V-strom DL650XT lowering kit

Suzuki V-strom DL650XT lowering kit. Reduce the seat height by dropping the rear suspension. This can be easily done with a lowering links from Lust Racing. The lowering kit contains two new steel suspension links that are stronger than the standard "dog bones" they replace. 

 A lowering kit will increase the stability and improve rear wheel traction.
Especially short riders who find the bike too high will greatly benefit from fitting a lowering kit to they Suzuki DL650 XT v-strom. 

Suzuki DL650 XT lowering kits

  • 2 rear suspension links
  • Material SS400 high tensile steel, roll forged
  • Laser cut for supreme accuracy
  • EDP powder coated in black
  • Installation instruction
  • Please select the kit of your choice below

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2015-2019 Suzuki DL650 XT lowering kit 1"inch (25mm) 

2015-2019 Suzuki DL650 XT lowering kit 1.6"inches (40mm)