YAMAHA XSR700 lowering kit

Yamaha XSR700 lowering kit  

2016 Yamaha XSR700 lowering kit, XSR700 accessories, XSR700 lowering kit

Lowering kit for new Yamaha XSR700 2016. Lowers the rear suspension and the seat height by approximately 1"inch (25mm). This lowering kit is a spring retainer replacing the standard spring retainer with a new lowering one.

To install the kit the rear shock absorber coil spring needs to be compressee using a pair of spring clamps or a professional motorcycle spring compressor. Excellent modification for riders who find the XSR700 to tall. By installing the lowering kit the seat height is reduced. 

Yamaha XSR 700 lowering kit

For year models 2016 onwards

Lowers the rear suspension by approximately 1"inch (25mm)

Reduces the seat height

Excellent aftermarket accessory for shorter riders

Spring retainer manufactured in aerospace aluminum,

anodized black with LUST Racing logo in silver-chrome and red.

Supplied with installation instructions.


Yamaha XSR700 lowering kit 1"inch (25mm) year 2016