Honda lowering kits

Lust Racing lowering kits for Honda motorcycles 

We have a wide range of suspension lowering kits for Honda motorcycles.
A tall bike is difficult to ride for a shorter rider, especially when coming to stops in traffic lights or crossings. You don't want to drop your pride and joy, as damage to fairings and parts can become pretty expensive.
By reducing the seat height the rider can enjoy not only the bike, but also focus on the surrounding traffic and anything else worth a second glance. With a LUST Racing suspension lowering kit the bike can be lowered without sacrifying comfort. Our suspension lowering kits comes with model specific installation instructions. LUST Racing lowering kits are made in roll-forged steel and are stronger than standard parts replaced. Finished in black powder coating for a long lasting lustre and excellent corrosion protection. Made in Great Britain.

LUST Racing lowering kits is the choice of professionals! LUST Racing supplies Aprilia, BMW, Benelli, Kawasaki, Suzuki, MV Agusta, Triumph and Yamaha brand dealerships with lowering kits. See our wide range of lowering kits for Honda Motorcycles below.

Honda Lowering kits:

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