Honda NC750D Integra Lowering kit 2014-2020

Honda NC750D Integra lowering kit

Lowering kits for Honda NC750D integra by LUST Racing. Now you can fit a lowering kit to your Honda NC750D maxi scooter to reduce the seat height of the bike. If you find your Integra to tall and struggle to reach to the ground a lowering kit will resolve the issue. Choose 40mm (1.6"inch) or 30mm (1.2"inch) lowering. 

LUST Racing lowering kits are made in roll forged steel and are stronger than the standard parts replaced. Finsihed in black powder coating which gives excellent corrosion protection and a finish pleasant to the eye. LUST Racing logo in red and chrome.

Will fit all Honda NC750D integra models from year 2014-2020, with or without DCT and ABS. 

LUST Racing lowering kits comes with model specific installation instructions.

2014-2020 Honda NC750D integra lowering kit 30mm 1.2 inches

2014-2020 Honda NC750D integra lowering kit 40mm 1.6 inches

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